Monday, October 31, 2011


In my first official act as (Temporary) Housewife, I made The Husband blueberry muffins this morning for breakfast.  Not just any blueberry muffins, though.  Blueberry muffins with cream cheese and blueberry jam filling.  I used this recipe, and it turned out pretty well.  I omitted lemon zest because I didn't have it and I used frozen blueberries, tossing them with a little extra flour to coat before adding them to the batter.  I was even organized and mixed up the dry and wet ingredients separately last night so all I had to do was assemble and back this morning.  That was great, except that the batter was really cold and difficult to spread in the cups.  I'm told they still tasted delicious, though.  (Being the gluten free half of our household, I couldn't eat them.  The Husband saved two for tomorrow and took the rest to work for his coworkers.)

In other news, I'm discovering this housewife business isn't for wimps.  While today, being Monday, is my first official day as the TH, in reality, I started housewife duties this weekend while The Husband worked overtime.  After two days of chores, dishes, and lots and lots of laundry, I'm ashamed to admit I woke up sore today.  I think it was hauling all the laundry up and down the stairs (basement laundry, in-building) and scrubbing the bathroom on the same day that did it.  Phew.  Sad, but I am beat today.  On the bright side, with the laundry done, the rest of the chores are relatively light.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Temporary Housewife

Today was my first day as a housewife. Even though it's a Saturday, it feels like a weekday with the Husband off working over time.

I wasn't a very good housewife today, either. Though I suppose it was just the first day, I have time to improve. It has been raining and snowing all day, so I decided there were some chores that could wait until tomorrow. Or Monday. Or really, whenever it's not sleeting.

(Sidenote: I'm amused at the uproar caused by the weather...where I grew up snow on/before Halloween was not uncommon. We planned costumes to fit over snowsuits for trick-or-treating.)

I started the day with a mug of hot tea in my pajamas and robe while I read the paper (we get the Sunday ads as well as the Style, Travel, and Comics sections early. Don't ask me why.). I lounged on the couch for awhile, watched some College GameDay; it was great.

I even managed to get some actual housewifery type chores done, dishes, a little laundry, changing the sheets, rearranging the ridiculous cookbook collection. That sort of thing.

And I discovered that superbulky yarn is good for super quick, super easy projects. (Okay, I already knew that but have an aversion to any knitting needle larger than a 9.)

(Preliminary test post...will edit with photos later.)