Sunday, November 20, 2011

A week ago today...

I was here:

Some other highlights of the past week(ish):

Papas loco at The Mission

The scene at Urban Solace

Corned beef and hash at Cafe 222


Double double protein style, fries, Dr. Pepper.

Homemade chicken pot pie with gluten free biscuits.

Completed mitten garland for the holidays.

I've been fighting some sort of creeping crud all week since I got back from my trip.  I've been pretty much securing the couch to the floor all week.  It was good for knitting time and for catching up on early episodes of Glee, but that's about all it was good for.  I'm ready to feel more energetic, and hoping I've turned the corner, as I have lots to do before we leave for Thanksgiving.  

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